Our life insurance products are designed to protect your family and provide financial security. Get peace of mind by protecting those you love.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

No matter your age or income, there are two reasons to buy life insurance: you love someone or owe someone.

For those you love, life insurance can replace a portion of a deceased wage earner’s salary, cover mortgage payments and provide college tuition for children. In addition, life insurance can pay final expenses, cover debts, and retire an outstanding mortgage balance for those you may owe. Either way, life insurance is essential to an individual or family’s financial safety net.

Catholic Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance plans to meet your individual needs. From whole life to term life, you’ll find a plan that’s just right for you.


Products, rates, and services may not be available in all states. Products issued by Catholic Life Insurance are available to applicants who meet membership, insurability, U.S. citizenship, and residency requirements.