When it comes to group life insurance, we’ve got the coverage you need! We are now in our third decade of helping large and small employer groups provide quality group life insurance protection to their employees at very competitive rates. And we’re in our second century of helping thousands of individuals, groups, and families achieve financial security through our life insurance and retirement products.

Why do groups choose life insurance benefits for their employees?

Employers offer group term life insurance as a benefit of working in their company. One of the primary reasons for doing this is to be competitive in recruiting and hiring the best-qualified individuals. Since group life insurance is relatively inexpensive, companies know that they can pay for relatively inexpensive monthly premiums (which are tax deductible, another plus) and thereby attract the best candidates. And those candidates know that if they were to seek the same coverage through an individual policy, they would most likely have to pay much more. An added benefit for the individual is that when they terminate their employment or retire, they have the option of easily converting their coverage into an individual life insurance policy.

(Employer group size of 50 or more to qualify; available in TX and LA only.)

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