A terminal illness of a loved one is devastating emotionally as well as financially. To ease the financial burden and provide peace of mind, Catholic Life offers the “Ultimate Living Benefit.” This special benefit advances funds from your life insurance certificate when you need them the most.


An Insured diagnosed by a physician as terminally ill with a life expectancy of six months or less may request an accelerated benefit payment. Upon determination of eligibility, we will pay, in a lump sum, up to 25 percent of the amount of the (basic) life insurance in force subject to a maximum of $100,000 on the Insured’s life at the time the request is made; provided:

  1. The certificate including this benefit is in force with respect to you;
  2. The determination of the terminal state of illness was made after the effective date of insurance;
  3. Claim is made under this provision during your lifetime including:
    1. A physician’s statement certifying the limited life expectancy;
    2. Any additional information necessary to process the claim, as requested by Catholic Life Insurance;
    3. A second confirming medical opinion is secured, if requested by Catholic Life Insurance. This will be by a physician acceptable to Catholic Life Insurance and at our expense.
  4. We receive written consent of any assignee and/or irrevocable beneficiary authorizing the accelerated benefit payment and the correlating reduction of the amount of life insurance in force for you. The accelerated benefit payment will be issued to you.

If you apply for payment of the Ultimate Living Benefit and if your life insurance benefit would be subject to a reduction due to age within the twelve-month period following the date you applied for the Ultimate Living Benefit, the Ultimate Living Benefit amount paid to you will be calculated based on the reduced life insurance amount.

This provision will terminate for you on the date you are:
  1. No longer insured under the certificate; or
  2. Issued the accelerated benefit payment, whichever occurs first.

This benefit is not available on all plans. Please contact the Membership Service Department for details.