Because children are our future, Catholic Life offers a variety of “Living Benefits” especially for them. The Guaranteed Newborn Benefit secures them when they are new to this world. Through this benefit, we protect them two ways:

Newborn Protection

Catholic Life automatically provides $1,000 of protection to eligible newborn infants. This protection begins on the 3rd day (49th hour) of the infant’s life and continues through the 59th day. It is offered at no cost.

Guaranteed Insurability

Catholic Life guarantees permanent insurance to eligible newborn infants. Parents or grandparents can buy $5,000 of permanent insurance at standard rates regardless of the baby’s health. They must apply for this insurance during the first 60 days of the infant’s life. This certificate must take effect on or before the 60th day of life.

To qualify, both parents must be Catholic Life members. In addition, they must have been members for at least 30 days before the child was born.