Catholic Life may pay your beneficiary an additional benefit if you die as a result of an accident.* We provide this benefit automatically at no cost and regardless of the amount of insurance you have. The “Fraternal Bonus” is paid only once per member and to the beneficiary designated in the most recent life insurance and/or annuity certificate.

*The accidental death must occur prior to age 70. Not all plans included.

Benefit Eligibility

Accidental Death of the Insured must: (1) result from injury, directly and independently of all other causes; (2) occur within 90 days after the date of the injury; (3) result from injury which occurs while this Accidental Death “Fraternal Bonus” is in full force and effect, and (4) occur before the 70th birthday of the insured.

Benefit to be paid

If you have a life insurance certificate, Catholic Life will pay an amount equal to the death benefit of the certificate, not to exceed $2,500.

If you have an annuity certificate, Catholic Life will match and pay an amount of your cumulative annuity(s) cash value(s) up to, but not exceeding $25,000. If there are multiple annuity certificates, the proceeds will be prorated and paid to the designated beneficiary(s).

If you have both life insurance and an annuity certificate, Catholic Life will pay the larger of the two benefits. The benefit will be paid only once per member.


The Accidental Death “Fraternal Bonus” is not payable if death occurs as a result of:

  • intentional, self-inflicted injury, whether sane or insane;
  • any act or incident of war or service in the armed forces of any country at war, whether such war is declared or not;
  • the commission of, or attempt to commit, an assault or felony;
  • active participation in a riot or insurrection;
  • intoxication or being under the influence of narcotics unless administered on the advice of a physician;
  • the voluntary inhalation, absorption, taking or administration of any poison, gas or fumes;
  • travel in or descent from any kind of aircraft except as a commercial, fare-paying passenger; or
    bodily or mental infirmity, illness or disease or medical or surgical treatment, therefore, except infection which occurs as a result of accidental bodily injury.

Catholic Life provides the “Fraternal Bonus” benefit at no additional cost. Some plans are excluded from this benefit. Please contact the Membership Service Department for details.