Each year, we invite the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas to participate in our Flag Day Patch Design Contest. The winning contest entry is adopted to create a special commemorative patch for our annual “Flag Day Celebration” event.

The 2018 contest theme was As a Girl Scout, how do you celebrate the Flag? There are so many ways to celebrate our nation’s Flag! You can salute the Flag or put it on display, you can plan a party and light fireworks, you can wear red, white, and blue – and so much more! We asked the Girl Scouts to show us in their patch design how they would celebrate the Flag.

Our 2018 contest winner was Ava Jacobs! She is a Junior from Girl Scouts Troop #2346. Her design was adopted to create our 2018 commemorative patch, which was distributed at our “Flag Day Celebration” on Thursday, June 14. Ava was given special recognition at our event, including an awards certificate and a cash prize.

2019 Patch Contest Rules & Entry Form