The Catholic Schools Sweepstakes program has helped Texas Catholic schools raise more than $11 million for Catholic education over the past decade, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the schools. Each year, we help participating Texas Catholic schools raise much-needed funds through our “Catholic Schools Sweepstakes” program. We provide the prizes, promotional materials, and printed raffle tickets. The students then sell the tickets for $5 each.

Every ticket purchaser receives the chance to win the Grand Prize, which is a choice between a new Ford F-150, a new Ford Focus, or a $20,000 Prepaid VISA Credit Card. Each participating school is also guaranteed a $1,000 Prepaid VISA Credit Card Winner.

“As the school year begins many schools have immediate financial needs. All monies raised through this program go directly and immediately to the school,” said Catholic Life Insurance President J. Michael Belz. “This is our way of helping Catholic schools and giving back to our faith-based community. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish thus far for Catholic education.”

Help us support Catholic education by purchasing a ticket from one of our participating Catholic schools!
To learn more about this fundraising program, please contact our Communications Department at 1-800-262-2548.

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