Once you become a Catholic Life member, you become part of a Branch within your community. A Branch is a geographical grouping of Catholic Life Insurance members. Our Branches are the core of our volunteer activities. They give our members a way to give back to their faith-based community. Our members participated in community service projects each year through their local Branches, valued at approximately $2.1 million.

Our Branches hold annual meetings, elect officers, and plan activities to benefit their parishes and communities. They also give donations for various causes, including Bibles to those making Confirmation, college scholarships, food and clothing drives for the needy, American Flag presentations in honor of local veterans, and much more. Through our volunteer Branch network our members give back to their communities by donating their time, talent and dollars. Our Branches enable members to support local causes and to enjoy a sense of belonging in their own community.

To find a Catholic Life Branch near you, please call (800) 262-2548 during regular business hours and ask to speak to our Communications Department.