Recent developments — from the coronavirus to the fluctuations in the stock market — may have alarmed you. We want to assure you that Catholic Life Insurance remains safe, strong, and secure. At the Home Office, we are taking steps to protect our employees, members, and agents’ needs. As a result, we have closed our Home Office to outside visitors. However, our staff remains available to assist you via the telephone.

Catholic Life Insurance Home Office Remains Available

As a financial institution, Catholic Life Insurance is considered an essential business. As a result, we are available during regular business hours to serve our members via the telephone. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need us. Our Agents are also standing by to be of service to you.

Branch Meetings

All in-person Branch meetings & group activities will resume in mid-June.

We encourage you to continue holding Branch Officer meetings to conduct Branch business. However, we recommend that you do this in small groups wearing masks and socially distancing or via the telephone, email, text, or video or audio conferencing. Please let us know if we can help you facilitate the meetings.

Financial strength remains

Catholic Life has been securing families’ lives since 1901.  Through wars, disease, and natural disasters, we’ve remained financially strong. Our 2019 year-end results demonstrate our continued strength and stability:

  • Assets increasing to $1,207,953,221
  • Revenue advancing to $102,847,903
  • Surplus climbing to $103,253,475
  • The annuity portfolio rising to $858,912,860
  • Net income after refunds to members and net realized capital gains (losses) $3,631,674
  • Our solvency ratio equaling to 109.35

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the Home Office at 210.828.9921 or call your Agent.