Members have a direct effect on how the organization operates. As a result, our focus is on Main Street, not Wall Street. Through the Branch system, members elect our Board of Directors and vote on changes to our Bylaws.

Catholic Life Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors set policy and direction for our organization. Delegates who attend our biennial convention elect Board members. These individuals, who come from all walks of life, may serve up to eight years in their elected position.

Front row: Charles L. “Chuck” Hughes, Jr., Board Secretary Doris Short, President/CEO J. Michael Belz, Chair Tommy Hoelscher, Sandy King.
Back row: Felix Skarpa, Jo Ann Shimek, Lester Moczygemba, Vice Chair Michael Stolowski.
Not pictured: Spiritual Advisor Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller; Spiritual Advisor Emeritus Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez.