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 Member Benefits

When you purchase a life insurance or annuity certificate, you automatically become a Catholic Life member. Now you can take advantage of living and fraternal benefits that add value to your life and the community where you live. While these benefits are not contractual and may change at any time, most are provided at no cost.‚Äč

Our Financial Member Benefits offer you added benefits without added costs.
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Our members qualify for ScriptSave, a prescription drug discount card that helps with the rising costs of healthcare.
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Our Social Member Benefits allow you to be with others who share your values.
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Life Line Screening
Life Line Screening is a service designed to help our Members be proactive about their health.
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Our Educational Member Benefits provide scholarships for members and for our faith-based community.
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Who to Call

For more information on "Member Benefits," please contact the Communications Department at (210) 828-9921 or 1 (800) 262-2548.
  • Community Involvement

    Our volunteers help us make the fraternal difference in your communities in many ways.