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Introducing PerkSpot Savings
We are proud to offer our Members thousands of exclusive discounts on travel purchases, movies, food, and more. Sign up to start saving today!
We Care About Your Education
We offer scholarship awards to assist funding the future education of graduating high school seniors, Catholic laity, and seminarians. Find out how you can benefit from one of these programs.
2016 Catholic Schools Sweepstakes
Currently, students from 59 Texas Catholic schools are selling tickets for the 2015 Catholic Life Sweepstakes, which has raised $5 million for Catholic education since 2007.
When You Call Catholic Life
We have upgraded our Home Office telephone system to provide faster, more tailored service. Now when you call, you'll be prompted to select an option that fits your needs.
Join Our Family
Hear firsthand from members whose lives have been positively impacted by Catholic Life Insurance. We invite you to learn more about us and to "come join our family" in this brief video.
A.M. Best Reaffirms "Excellent" Rating
A.M. Best, leading industry analyst, has affirmed our financial strength and stability with an A-/"Excellent" rating for the 32nd consecutive year.
We Want to Keep in Touch with You
We’re reaching out to all members as part of our new Keeping in Touch campaign! Find out how you can earn a $10 VISA gift card for participating.
We Support ACTS Missions
We’re partnering with ACTS Missions to bring ACTS Retreats to Catholic Communities throughout Texas and around the world.

 Did You Know ...

Did You Know ...
As proud citizens, we fly a large U.S. Flag every day at our Home Office Building in San Antonio. Did You Know Image
Save Money with PerkSpot
Sign up for our new PerkSpot Savings Program to discover thousands of exclusive discounts on travel, food, movies, and more!
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2015 Poster Contest Winners
Twenty-one talented young artists receive awards and cash prizes for their entries in the 2015 "Flag Day Children's Poster Contest."
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Helping Catholic Schools
61 Catholic schools participated in the 2015 Catholic Life Insurance Sweepstakes, which has raised more than $5 million in 8 years.
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Just for Kids
Protect your child with up to $20,000 of term life insurance coverage for a one-time payment.
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