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 Celebrating our Agents at the 2015 Leaders Conference

Our top producing Sales Agents gathered January 16-18 at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center in San Marcos, Texas for the 2015 Leaders Conference. In addition to educational sessions, Agents were recognized for their outstanding professional achievements.
Jimmy Tirres of the San Antonio General Agency captured the #1 General Agency Excellence Award. This award recognizes the top General Agent for performance in eight areas, including new agent recruitment and production, total monthly life applications written, percentage of monthly branch growth and monthly increase in Life Premium, persistency of business, total monthly life premium, and total monthly overall premium. The San Antonio General Agency was also honored with the Manpower Development Award. This award acknowledges the General Agent who recruits the largest number of new Agents.
The #2 General Agency Excellence Award was presented to Eugene Smart of Smart & Associates of Houston, Texas. Smart is 24-year Catholic Life veteran whose Agency consistently earns top honors.
Glenn Snoga of Seguin was named the Life Production Leader. The Seguin resident wrote the most life insurance premium for the year.
Chief Underwriter Frank Gentile singled out General Agent Charley Matherne of Lake Charles, Louisiana as the Field Underwriter of the Year. The award recognizes accuracy in application and completion, attention to detail, production and persistency.
T.J. Sbrusch of Angleton, Texas received the Fraternal Life Agency of the Year Award. A member of the Smart & Associates Agency, Sbrusch represents excellence in utilizing living and fraternal benefits to demonstrate the value-added benefits of Catholic Life.
Linda Gregory of Lumberton, Texas earned the both the Life Rookie of the Year and the Rookie of the Year award. She also works with Smart & Associates.
Elaine Labus of Floresville earned the #1 Apostle or Top Producer of the Year award for the second consecutive year. She also took home the Total Production Leader Award for selling the most life and annuity premium combined in 2014. She is a member of the Labus Agency of Floresville, Texas.
 Other top producers include:
-Wilbert Jost, FIC
-Gerri Martinez, FIC
-Mike Williams
-EJ Bayer
-Charlotte Grobe
-Mike Dieter
-Valerie Henscheid
-Ann Boenisch
-Francis Lutz, FIC
-Bert Kenna, FIC
-Melanie Ressler

 Runners-up to the 12 Apostles are:

-Thomas J. Sbrusch, FIC,
-Jeffrey D. Bruce
-Lawrence G. Lenzen Jr.
-Clarence J. Moczygemba
-Loretta A. Schmidt, FIC
-Debora D. Slavinsky
-Alvin J. Hollas, FIC
-Wendy S. Janak, FIC
-Kent R. Stehling
-Alfred Garcia
-Werner A. Halfmann, FIC
-Virginia M. Jendrusch, FIC
Millionaire Contest Club winners are:
-Michael G. Williams
-James E. Tirres
-Kent R. Stehling
-Mike F. Dieter
-David J. Walker
-Darrell J. Labus
-Alfred Garcia
-Charley F. Matherne Jr.
-Dianne S. Cerny
-Geraldine P. Martinez
-Wendy S. Janak
-Case A. Hollub
-Loretta A. Schmidt
-Philip D. Newsome
-E J Bayer
-Larry G. Pelzel

Who to Call

For more information on the "2015 Leaders Conference," please contact our Home Office Sales Team at (210) 828-9921.