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Since 1901, we have helped thousands of families plan for their future. Solid life insurance protection, secure IRAs, sound retirement annuities and meaningful living and fraternal benefits are the primary reasons people become Catholic Life members. While our products and services are of the highest quality, Catholic Life offers more than solid financial products. We offer members the opportunity to be part of an organization that puts Catholic values inaction in all we do.
Even though our common bond is our Catholic faith, we welcome everyone as a member. Our mission is to help families achieve financial security, offer volunteer opportunities and benefit the communities where our members work and live. Together, we make a difference.
As we enjoy our second century of service, we’re holding firm to our traditional values while adding new products and services to our members’ changing needs. We invite you to join us and discover the fraternal difference.
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Become a Catholic Life member today- we've been providing financial security and protecting families like yours since 1901.
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Become a Branch Officer
Become a leader in your local community by volunteering to become a Branch Officer. You must be a Catholic Life member to be eligible.
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Career Opportunities
Find out how you can become an Agent or a Home Office Employee with Catholic Life Insurance.
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Who to Call

For more information on "Join Our Family," please contact the Communications Department at (210) 828-9921 or 1 (800) 262-2548.