The Seguin Branch has been carrying on a tradition which began 40 years ago. Dr. Gery Moczygemba, Branch 1st Vice President, opened his dental practice in Seguin, Texas on October 8, 1983.

After moving to Seguin, Dr. Moczygemba became a member of St. James Catholic Church. While attending their Annual Fall Festival, he joined in conversation with volunteers who cooked for the festival. They discussed how finding dry wood to barbeque with was difficult for them to locate. Dr. Moczygemba started to give thought and shortly after went to work to acquire the cured wood. He found cutting down lifeless mesquite trees for the festival not only benefited the Parish, but also eliminated brush in the local area. He shared, “[We] deliver the wood necessary for a great tasting barbeque chicken plate.”

In 1998, Dr. Moczygemba joined the Catholic Life Insurance Seguin Branch where he has proudly served for the last 25 years. Roughly 4 years ago during a Branch Officer Meeting for the Seguin Branch, he and fellow officers were discussing options for a Make A Difference Day project. Dr. Moczygemba mentioned his annual tree-cutting for the Parish and how it makes a difference for the local community. It was a unanimous decision to proudly make what he started all those years ago a new Branch tradition.