It’s understandable that there’s concern about the safety of financial institutions, especially with the volatility of the banking industry, as reported in the news. With Catholic Life, rest assured that because of our prudent best practices management, your life insurance and retirement funds are secure. Insurance companies are required by law to set aside a portion of their assets to ensure that they meet present and future claims. We call this process “establishing reserves,” and it is the basis of the legal reserve system.

In 1915, Catholic Life was the first fraternal life insurer in Texas to adopt the legal reserve system of operations. The top 25 insurance carriers have an average solvency ratio of 105%. Catholic Life’s solvency ratio exceeds 109%, which means we have $109 for every $100 of liability. Again, this demonstrates our strong financial position of being safe, strong, secure.

Why do you need a Catholic Life Insurance Certificate?
While life insurance cannot replace you, it can provide funds to:

▶ Keep your family in their home by paying off the mortgage
▶ Replace your income
▶ Pay final expenses
▶ Pay off debts
▶ Cover family emergencies
▶ Establish a college education fund
▶ Provide a home care fund
▶ Create an immediate tax-free liquid estate
▶ Provide peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones

Why do you need a Catholic Life Annuity Certificate?
While a fixed annuity is not the only retirement vehicle out there, it can provide you with:

▶ Current first-year rate of 5% for new money
▶ Guaranteed rate of 2.8% for the lifetime of the product
▶ Tax-deferred growth
▶ 10% free withdrawal per year starting in the first year
▶ 50% free withdrawal upon confinement in a nursing home
▶ 25% free withdrawal for heart attack or cancer
▶ Up to $25,000 additional accidental death payout up to age 70
▶ Peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones

For more than 122 years, Catholic Life has offered safe, strong, and secure options for families to achieve their financial goals. We are grateful to our members for entrusting us with their whole life insurance, term life insurance and retirement needs. If you need help with your own financial goals, please contact your agent today.