We all remember those days, early in life, when our goals were clear – buy a home, save for an emergency, and protect our families. With retirement years away, we focused on our basic necessities, but soon we were bombarded with advice on growing the amassed savings that became designated as retirement. While there are strategies that offer a quick and substantial return, only a few can secure your hard-earned savings while helping you steadily work towards your goals.

Today, future retirees born after 1970 are facing a new challenge. According to the Social Security Administration, cash reserves are projected to be exhausted by 2037 which will reduce benefits for this group planning retirement at 67. [Read more at ssa.gov.] Without adequate time to compensate or, “close the gap”, this could become an inimitable setback.

This makes the stock market an appealing option. Supported by stories of instant wealth, it may seem like a quick fix to a generation laden with this aforementioned challenge. Thanks to new technology such as e-trading, it’s now easier to jump into. Technology, however, doesn’t guarantee a stock pick that will close the gap, much less turn a meager investment into millions. Before investing, our advice is to do your research by tracking and analyzing the performance of the stocks that interest you, then find a knowledgeable advisor. If you do invest, the stock market will inevitably go up and down. It can be a rollercoaster.

How do you avoid the rollercoaster?

Because a stock is a share or partial ownership of a company, its price will fluctuate due to a range of uncontrollable factors which could impede your investment’s growth. This makes diversifying investments so important especially when it comes to your retirement. You need your retirement funds to be there and the closer you are to retirement the harder it will be to recover from a significant loss.

IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Fixed Annuities are much safer options designed for tax-deferred, steady, risk-free growth. This is a tremendous opportunity for those who will have reduced social security benefits or are risk averse. As specialists in retirement planning, we offer eight uncomplicated, secure, retirement solutions. Combined with a comprehensive approach to retirement savings, which leverages a fixed, minimum guaranteed rate, your retirement savings will increase. Compared to the stock market and your average interest-bearing alternatives, our plans are tied to a rate that compounds annually, increasing the value of the funds over the long term. In addition, specific annuities can generate income on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to help manage your budget upon retirement. It’s uphill growth all the way that can help close the gap and avoid the rollercoaster.

After all, few things in life are certain but, with greater knowledge, you can certainly secure your retirement. Know that as financial specialists, we’re dedicated to your financial well-being and we’ll help you prepare for a “worry-less” future. Contact us to learn more.