“Family is sharing. Family is planning for the future together. Family is everything.”

Family is what Catholic Life Insurance is all about. It’s a value shared by 39-year-old Denny Wiatrek from Poth, Texas. Denny works as a firefighter  for the city of San Antonio and manages a ranch on his days off. He has a wife named Joy and three young children. “Being responsible for my wife and my children,” Denny says, “it’s good to have life insurance in case something does happen to me-because then, everything that we have, they may not be about to take care of it without that.”

You Love Your Family

Jimmy Tirres of the San Antonio General Agency understands what motivates people to protect their families. “People buy life insurance for a lot of reasons, but the main reason is because they love their family.”

Catholic Life cares about your family, too, and we do everything we can to help you protect them financially. Our President/CEO J. Michael Belz shares a special message, “Through our life insurance products, we have helped moms and dads ensure that their families are being cared for in a time of need. And we’ve been there when a family really needs us.”

When The Unthinkable Happens

April 17, 2013, was a day just like any other in West, Texas. “It was basically just a spring day, and people were out doing what they usually do,” remembers Catholic Life Agent Lyn Middleton. “We heard what we thought was a clap of thunder, and then following very shortly, was a larger clap.”

The thunder turned out to be two large explosions at the local fertilizer plant, which ultimately killed fifteen people, injured 200 others, and destroyed hundreds of homes in the small town.

One of the victims was Lyn’s own nephew, 46-year-old Buck Uptmor. “He was a cowboy,” Lyn recalls of Buck. “He owned his own fence building company. He went over that day of the fertilizer explosion. Apparently he saw one of his friends working on one of the fire trucks and decided to go over there to try to help him. And that’s when the explosion occurred. He was doing what he wanted to do, and he was doing it for other people, which is what he usually did.

“It’s kind of like there’s a reason for everything. You think that you’re just doing your job whenever you write up a policy. You think, well, you know, ‘I’m not going to have to worry about ever taking care of this death claim. He’s so much younger than I am, he’s my nephew, he’s going to outlive me, I’m not going to have to ever worry about cashing in this policy or anything. I’m just doing it for peace of mind for his family.’ And then the next thing you know, three or four months down the road, you’re over there.. .and you’re sitting there, and you’re thinking, how would this picture be changed if we hadn’t sat down that day, and written this policy?”

The Value of Life Insurance

It’s hard to imagine the unthinkable happening. It’s hard to picture yourself one day not coming home, not being able to be there for your family.  The truth is, you never know if you need life insurance until it’s too late.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. You can protect your family’s financial future by getting life insurance. We invite you to join our family today.