We Support ACTS Missions

Barbara Cheaney

SVP, Marketing Communications
Catholic Life Insurance

For the third consecutive year, Catholic Life has made a substantial financial donation to ACTS Missions, the parent organization of the popular ACTS Retreats. “Catholic Life Insurance is proud to be a supporter of ACTS Missions. We believe that ACTS is one of the most important movements within the Catholic Church today. It is our sincere hope that this gift will […]Read More We Support ACTS Missions

Term & permanent life insurance often go together.

Dennis Best

Vice President/Sales & Director of Agencies (Retired)

Many people buy term insurance because it is less expensive than permanent plans. However, sometimes a combination of the two is the answer. Here is a story that illustrates how needs can change over time. I would like to introduce you to Greg and Christine. They were married at age 25, but put off having children until they turned 30. Since […]Read More Term & permanent life insurance often go together.